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Artists Statement

Many of my paintings are a hybrid of recognisable surfaces that hang in the balance of abstraction and reality; exploring surfaces and textures that already exist in the world. Inspired by historical buildings and architecture, I work with a variation of materials focusing on the results of texture and surface. I am keen to explore multiple ways in which abstraction can convey the form of the image, in which it is still representational whilst being on the verge of becoming fully abstract. Some of my work centers around the theme of the past and memories we hold with in the walls we live in, bricks are a significant subject. 
Also, I hold a special interest in making work from images of run down architectural spaces, old or weathered materials and textured surfaces. Inspired by the dynamic and contemporary feel to exploring in layers what lies beneath a surface and immortalising this into a painting. I have also experimented with temperature, creating hot bubbling volcanic surfaces in some of my work then cooling them down revealing tarnished areas of cold aged brass/metal creating emotion and feeling to many of the canvases.

About Me: Bio
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